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Notable’s Aim Is To Improve AI In Healthcare Sector With a New $100M Investment

Notable is the Leading provider of intelligent automation in the healthcare sector, and it wanted to expand more healthcare workers in the industry.

Notable, Recently revealed a $100 million Series B funding round, with participation from Greylock, F-Prime Capital, & Oak HC/FT.

The funding comes after Notable’s platform was quickly adopted by hundreds of care facilities.

Repetitive, manual workflows used in healthcare delivery result in annual administrative expenditures of more than $1 trillion and degrade the patient experience. The most extensively used platform for automating these procedures is provided by Notable, which uses AI to complete millions of actions every week on behalf of staff and clinicians, saving each clinician more than 700 hours of administrative work annually.

Patients now receive care in a more contemporary way because of Notable’s total digital transformation of every healthcare workflow through automation across the care continuum for patients, clinicians, and employees.

About Notable

The main provider of intelligent automation in the healthcare industry is notable. The Notable platform is used by top healthcare companies across the US to automate hundreds of workflows related to patient interaction, population health, and revenue cycle management.

Staff members and doctors at Notable report a provider NPS score of 74, an increase in patient visit volume, a decrease in claim denials, and an industry-leading patient satisfaction rating in addition to saving 700+ hours of administrative work per provider annually. 

The capacity of providers to provide high-quality, affordable treatment and world-class patient experiences is being hampered by a staffing crisis in healthcare and an excessive administrative burden, according to Pranay Kapadia, co-founder and CEO of Notable, “This investment accelerates the realization of their ambition to enhance patient-provider relationships through intelligent automation and digitally change healthcare.”

The platform from Notable uses AI to continuously scan provider electronic health record systems (EHRs) and other apps to find automated procedures that should be carried out.

The gathering of pre-visit registration data from patients, submitting a prior authorization request, or getting in touch with patients who are past due for service are typical instances. By clicking in fields, updating information, and uploading documents, the platform uses digital assistants to carry out these tasks.

Clinicians can automate patient interactions with Notable, from scheduling appointments and registering patients through post-visit follow-up and payment collection.

When a patient’s provider requires information, they are alerted immediately, and they can supply it all using a simple digital interface. Staff members are no longer required to support these procedures with manual phone calls, outdated paper forms, or tedious data entry.

Their objective is to provide a unique, cutting-edge patient experience, according to Ryan Smith, Chief Information Officer of Intermountain Healthcare. They have seen a 97 percent patient satisfaction rating as a result of their cooperation with Notable by digitizing and automating the patient registration, intake, and billing procedures.

Clinical procedures like creating clinical documentation or adding billing codes are automated for physicians by Notable, allowing them to devote more time to patient care.

According to Houston Methodist’s Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr. S. Nicholas Desai, physicians now spend more time in front of computers than they do talking to patients. Notability gives us the freedom to practice at the top of our licenses and provide better care for patients in their communities by automating administrative duties that practitioners are obligated to complete.


With the money, Notable wants to give more healthcare providers access to its platform while also increasing platform functionality to boost partners’ returns on investment.” They are excited to join with Notable to develop their vision for a future where every healthcare provider can provide the finest quality tailored care most effectively,” said Caroline Xie, General Join at ICONIQ Growth.

“Notable is empowering physicians and upgrading patient experiences while decreasing the administrative load and cost of care with its intelligent automation platform” according to the company.


How many funds have been raised in the funding round?


For which series has the funding round done?

Series B

Who is Notable’s CEO?

Pranay Kapadia

Who is the Chief Information Officer of Intermountain Healthcare?

Ryan Smith

How many hours has been saved by each clinician of administrative work annually?

More than 700 hours

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